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Members of Culter in Bloom are local residents who are prepared to attend the meetings, contribute to our planning, assist with fundraising and - most important of all - commit time to help with the various projects which we initiate. The members are:
  • Agneta Calderwood
  • Gibby Connon
  • Bill Cooper
  • Dick Gagel 
  • Catherine Lacy (Treasurer)
  • Francoise MacDonald
  •  Isabel McIntyre
  • Christine Mackie
  • Carol Page (Secretary)
    Malcolm Sharp (Vice Chair)
  • Erik Stien (Chair)

If you'd like to learn more about our committee's work, to join our band of helpers or to make any suggestions for future projects  please contact our secretary  Carol at  Tel 01224 734450..  Please consider volunteering for our litter picking, clearing and planting projects. You will be very welcome!