Contact Us

Members of Culter in Bloom are local residents who are prepared to attend the meetings, contribute to our planning, assist with fundraising and - most importsnt of all - commit time to help with the various projects which we initiate. The members are:
  • Jean Cook
  • Sandy Cook
  • Bill Cooper
  • Dick Gagel
  • Catherine Lacy (Treasurer)
  • Donald MacDonald
  • Francoise MacDonald
  • Christine Mackie
  • Carol Page (Secretary)
  • Erik Stien (Chair)
  • Malcolm Sharp
  • Gibby Connon
  • Brian Yule

If you'd like to learn more about our committee or to attend a meeting, please contact our secretary
Carol Page Tel 01224 734450. Volunteers ( who may not wish to attend the meetings but would be happy to help with our projects) will also be very welcome!